L'history Souris Tyrannosaure

Sometime in 2009 guitarist Andrew Bellware contacted his old friend (not that they're old, they've just been friends since they were teenagers) bassist Ethan Rosenblatt about finding a drummer for his project "Prague Spring". Ethan suggested instead that Drew form a real band instead and that they should work with Ethan's friend, drummer Lou Clark. They rehearsed and rehearsed, sometimes spending two hours playing two chords over and over again. And after about a year they added keyboard player Arie Unterlinde.
In August and September of 2010 they recorded their first album at Trax East Studios in South River, New Jersey.
mouse badge color
Andrew Bellware has worked on a bunch of band - type projects in his life. He and Ethan first met in the 1980's when Andrew was the guitarist for Pavlov and the Drooling Dogs. Ethan was their sound mixer for a while. Then Ethan went on to college and became a theatrical electrician. Eventually that led to Ethan getting Andrew a job at the New York Shakespeare Festival where they organized the stagehands into a union.
After they were fired for that, Ethan went on to do a number of tours with all kinds of interesting theater companies including the Dance Theater of Harlem. Ethan eventually ended up on Broadway, working on Phantom of the Opera and other big famous shows. Drew, on the other hand, ended up doing audio for corporate broadcast for a while but eventually moved into directing science fiction movies with his company Pandora Machine.
Ethan is a stagehand at the Metropolitan Opera House.
Lou met Ethan... Lou is a cartoonist and a graphic artist who drew the tyrannosaurus mice.
As a youngin', Arie sang in the children's chorus at the Metropolitan Opera House (do you see a theme developing here?)